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Alba Berlin Sports Director’s take on the team’s offseason moves and EuroLeague goals

August 18, 2021

BasketNews' Uygar Karaca interviewed Alba Berlin's Sports Director Himar Ojeda. The men talked about the offseason changes that the German champions went through, the team's short-term and long-term goals in the EuroLeague, and a unique approach to preparation for games.


  • intro (00:00);
  • Alba Berlin’s coaching change as Aito Garcia Reneses steps down (00:24);
  • Last season’s leaders in Fontecchio, Siva, and Granger departing from the team (05:48);
  • Alba bringing in Tamir Blatt, Yovel Zoosman, and Stefan Peno (08:43);
  • The type of player Alba are still looking to add (14:13);
  • Alba’s outlook on player development (16:53);
  • Rising from the EuroCup and staying in the EuroLeague (19:58);
  • The team’s goals in the upcoming seasons (25:00);
  • A scientific approach to preparation for games (27:10);
  • The health of Alba’s players (30:29).

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